Why Join Us

We often spend so much of our lives indoors stuck at the desk at work or home, the thought of going into a gym or studio for an activity can be pretty overwhelming. It’s time to break free, to take a big breath of fresh air and join us in the great outdoors. 

We offer an exciting new experience that gives you exactly what you need. Maybe its; a moment of calm, a full body workout, an hour filled with laughter, picking up speed with our racing team or caring for your local environment. All this takes place in beautiful new surroundings whether on the lake, river, canals or out in the ocean.

We love adventure, water, yoga & wellbeing. We love the variety our community and local area brings, and believe that amazing things happen when great people come together, it makes our world a better place. 

Here, you are given the space, the hugs, the high fives, the encouragement to explore & discover. The most important thing to us is that you have fun and find what feels good. Right now you may not know this, but trust us something awesome is about to happen. Magic happens out on the water and we need your totally amazing uniqueness on our team, we need you. 

Welcome to TeamSUP


SUP has been proven to be very addictive. We only think its fair we let you know. If this is your first step onto the water and into our team be warned, you are in for one hell of a ride

Be warned. Joining our team, sessions, following our social media pages and attending our events have been know to have the following consequences:
  • Uncontrollable outbreaks of laughter both on and off the water/yoga mat
  • Increased awareness of your awesome gene 
  • A sense of adventure that only the ‘blue’ can cure
  • The inability to go anywhere without sizing up its paddling and #stopdropyoga options…..and we mean anywhere 
  • A new respect for your local environment
  • Finding a million new friends and wondering where they've been all this time
  • The realisation that you are “totally badass” and you may become addicted to feeling; Strong, powerful, focused, calm, relaxed and AMAZING 

If like us you want a welcoming, no nonsense, awesome experience minus all the faff then....

You have hit the jackpot

Join us as we discover, explore and experience our beautiful world

See you on the water TeamSUP