Safety & circumstances beyond our control

Postponement by us due to bad weather

As your safety is our first concern, followed by your enjoyment of your chosen activity, in weather conditions, which may in our view make the session dangerous or unsafe, the activity may be re-scheduled, a location change or postponed by us. In the event of this happening you would be given as much notice as practically possible. In these circumstances we will offer you alternative dates. On some occasions group events may need to be postponed due to bad weather.

In these circumstances we will offer you alternative dates or be credited for the session

As with other activity-based experiences, water sports activities contain an element of risk. It must be understood that your participation in these activities is your decision and at your risk. The session instructors have primary responsibility for the safety of the team, guests and equipment at all times and his/her decision is final. If any member of your party commits an illegal or potentially dangerous acts, persistently disregards the instructions of the session instructor, or is disruptive or exhibits difficult behaviour, the session instructor reserves the right to terminate such persons’ participation in the session or event with no responsibility to them. In such an event there will be no right to any refund and we reserve the right to make a claim for costs and losses incurred.

Damage by customers

Should damage or loss boards, persons or equipment be caused as a result of wilful damage or gross negligence by a client or as a result of refusal or failure to obey instructions given by our team, then he or she will be liable for the full amount of repair or replacement and any resulting costs. The session instructor reserves the right to terminate the session or event. Adults will at all times be responsible for minors in their charge.

Our equipment and team are fully insured. However we cannot be held responsible for any loss or damage to any person or property.

Cancellation and Payment

Our cancellation policy is reasonable we understand sometimes life gets in the way of the fun stuff.

If something comes up, let us know within 24 hours and we can cancel or reschedule free of charge.

If you have to cancel less than 24 hours before a booked session, your session pass may be deducted and you may be charged for the miss session

If you’re on an AdventureSUP session and something comes up, please give us as much notice as possible to avoid part or full payment being taken. We will always look to reschedule your fun stuff so you’re not missing out.

Remember we have limited boards and we encourage online sign-up to guarantee your place on the session

Please note that on the water, like the queen we do not carry cash. All sessions must be paid online

Purchases of multi-class packs and unlimited memberships are non-refundable.

5 10 Session Packs if you want to share with your bestie go ahead, spread the love.

Monthly unlimited and ClubSUP passes are payable upfront, no sharing and cannot be placed on hold (well we can and we are fair so please let us know)