Stay Safe & Respect the water

Paddling and Water Safety

We have wide range of water sports and activities that take place in open and natural waters

This natural and beautiful environment is one of the main attractions of our activities but as with any open water it is important to observe some simple rules to remain safe and healthy

Respect the Water

Our Instructors will go through water safety with you on every session but please spend some time following these links on water safety

Please follow this link for details on water safety

Safety & circumstances beyond our control

Postponement by us due to bad weather

As your safety is our first concern, followed by your enjoyment of your chosen activity, in weather conditions, which may in our view make the session dangerous or unsafe, the activity may be re-scheduled, a location change or postponed by us. In the event of this happening you would be given as much notice as practically possible. In these circumstances we will offer you alternative dates. On some occasions group events may need to be postponed due to bad weather.

In these circumstances we will offer you alternative dates or be credited for the session

As with other activity-based experiences, water sports activities contain an element of risk. It must be understood that your participation in these activities is your decision and at your risk. The session instructors have primary responsibility for the safety of the team, guests and equipment at all times and his/her decision is final. If any member of your party commits an illegal or potentially dangerous acts, persistently disregards the instructions of the session instructor, or is disruptive or exhibits difficult behaviour, the session instructor reserves the right to terminate such persons’ participation in the session or event with no responsibility to them. In such an event there will be no right to any refund and we reserve the right to make a claim for costs and losses incurred.

Good Health for Water Users

The water facilities we use are supplied from a variety of sources including surface streams and the River Trent. Colwick Park, Highfields Boating Lake and the canal systems. The waters have fluctuating levels of bacteria and are similar to those found in UK coastal sea bathing waters

This page details potential risk to health that exists in any open water but please remember the vast majority of water users at the site have no problem at all and by remaining mindful and following the tips below the risks are further decreased.

Whilst enjoying your water sports always:

Follow all onsite safety instructions and wear all safety equipment provided

Avoid undue immersion in natural waters

Avoid swallowing the water

Cover minor scratches or cuts with a water proof plaster