Join TeamSUP out on the water for our social & relaxed paddling session

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ClubSUP Member £15
BYOB £10

Is this for me?

Do you want to take in the views? Catch up with old friends & new out on the water? Do you need time alone, just you the great outdoors and the sound of the water? Our Pure Paddle session suits everyone. As soon as you hit to the water, every stroke you take is for you and you only. We like to call this "Paddling Your Own Way" - You don’t need to paddle fast or slow, theres no plan. Just you and the water. You may get more out of this session if you have paddled with us before but there will always be an instructor out on the water, so if you do want some paddling tips shout up

Suitable for new, beginner and experienced paddlers

You must be have the ability to self rescue

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