Join TeamSUP for our night adventure
Paddle, SUP Yoga, Floating Picnic

Meeting in the evening, we launch and discover the lake as the sun sets and the moon starts to rise. When the sky goes dark and the stars appear we will hit the button on our boards to light up the lake and experience this unique opportunity out on the water. We paddle in the moonlight discovering more of the Lake, it's night time sounds and wildlife. Finding our spot we will drop anchor and you have some time for you

Why not bring blankets and a pillow and lie back, float and star gaze
Picnic under the moonlight catching up with old and new friends
Finding the perfect spot for some you time
Moonlit SUP Yoga

Picnic of Hot Chocolate, Tea, Coffee - snacks and fruit
provided but please feel free to bring what ever you fancy

Suitable for new, beginner and experienced paddlers

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