What is SUP? 

SUP is the abbreviation for Stand Up Paddle boarding but that’s where our first rule comes into play. You never have to stand up. You can take part in all our activities on your knees, bum, tum or standing. We are not the boss of you, the most important thing is that you find what feels good, have fun and enjoy your time out on the water 

Is it for me? 

Yes, all body shapes, sizes and ages can enjoy paddle boarding as a fun and safe activity. With so many ways to enjoy the water from pure paddling, yoga, SPLASH, racing, surfing, touring and adventures. The choice on how hard you want to work is entirely yours.

Paddle Boarding is an all-body workout which has more than just the physical rewards, it will also restore your balance and calm your spirit. Paddling can be a low or high impact exercise depending on your intensity using a combination of balance, strength, core and endurance

How do I start?

You can join TeamSUP on a variety of paddles. From our 4 week learn to paddle course to our Pure Paddle sessions with over 35 sessions a week there will be a paddle suit you. No experience is necessary and all equipment is provided.

Can I come alone?

Yes, you will be welcomed within our TeamSUP community from day 1. We often go for breakfast, lunch or dinners around our sessions and would love to see you on and off the water.

Why Yoga & Fitness on the water? 

Practising Yoga & Fitness on a platform that is constantly moving, fires up your core and stabilising muscles and strengthens muscles that aren't used in every day life. You can feel the tiny muscles being activated when you practice on water, which you wont ever feel on land. Great Right?

Taking to the water brings a fun joyful freedom to an otherwise earth bound practice. There is something magical about being so close to nature, breathing in the air and the views watching the birds fly past whilst you are warrioring on water 

It is also fine and fun if you loose your balance and fall overboard.

Splashing and falling is part of the experience and there is a freedom in fully embracing this, let go of your expectations and judgement, which is what yoga is all about, getting out of the mind and into your heart. 

There is something quite liberating about your first big SPLASH 

We find it a great metaphor for life too. We can experience a fall, physically, mentally or emotionally and we get back up, smile, laugh and try again.

The benefits of yoga are great and combined with SUP you are going to get a greater core workout, strength training, increase your balance and mobility and your endurance, all whilst working to lower your stress levels, calm your mind and help you to relax 

What are your instructors like?

AWESOME our instructors and buddy’s are all friendly and encouraging and want you to have the best time and experience out on the water. Your safety is our first priority and all of our team have their water safety qualifications with the RLSS and are all first aid trained.

Is all equipment provided?

Yes within our fleet we have a variety of boards and paddles available for you to use in all sessions along with all safety equipment.

I have my own board, can I use it?

Yes! Please book using the BYOB (Bring your own board) options. Is your canal and river license up to date, you can renew or purchase your license at British Canoeing or Water Skills Academy

What should I wear?

You can wear your regular fitness gear. Please dress for the weather, layers and a change of clothes are great. We go out in all weather so please dress accordingly

Please avoid heavy jogger type material as if this gets wet it gets heavy and is uncomfortable

Wetsuit or not?

If you have a wetsuit feel free to wear or bring this along to the session

Its about 50/50 who wears wetsuits and who wears regular fitness gear as long as you are happy and warm enough you decide. If it's warm a wetsuit can become very hot and uncomfortable and can be quite restrictive whilst paddling.

Will I get wet?

Maybe, but you’ll be in fine company if you take a splash. Most people aren’t worried about falling in, but getting back on the board. Fear not new paddler we will get you back on.

Do you paddle all year round?

We sure do. Strong paddlers are made in strong weather conditions. With the right winter footwear and clothing you can join us for 365 days of paddling. One of our favorite paddles is our annual boxing day pudding paddle.

Where do you paddle?

We paddle at a variety of locations our regular spots are: