Join our tribe of superheros out on the water as we give our local environment and community some TeamSUP love
Our mission is to litter pick and clean up the waterways, footpaths, lakes and parks of Nottinghamshire. We will stop the litter, plastic, rubbish from entering the oceans. We will protect our local wildlife and environment.

Would you like to learn to paddle board?
Help clean up your local environment?
Spend time in the great outdoors doing something amazing?
Meet awesome people out on the water?

The waterways of Nottinghamshire and beyond are great places for activity, relaxation and getting in touch with nature.
However, in places we have seen so much by litter. This is harmful to our wildlife and environment close to home and is part of a worldwide problem. Much of the litter ends up in the open ocean, it is ingested by fish and marine mammals and enters the food chain. 80% of marine debris comes from inland sources – including our canals and rivers

How you can support and ways to get involved:

You can join us on on the water and enjoy a free evening learning how to paddle and collect litter from the waterway
You can join us on the land and collect litter from the tow paths
You can sponsor our sessions to help with the costs of equipment and removal of waste
You can sponsor additional sessions out on the water
If you would like to join us out on the water on this event or one of our monthly CleanUP events please get in touch

Suitable for new, beginner and experienced paddlers

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Please bring rubber gloves and a bucket